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Legend of Kai Khan

                            Kai Khan was born as Renkei,

Kai Khan, age 16 (200 AD)                     son of Chief Dogodei, and the

                                                    youngest of his three offspring.

Dogodei was a leader of a small tribe in the eastern regions of the Gobi Desert. Neighboring his home reigned the looting Manchu, which had struck a bargain with the eldest of Dogodei's sons. The Manchu promised him more lands in exchange for the death of the family. Unfortunately, the eldest of three sons agreed.
        Upon the execution of his family, Renkei fled, and became a fugitive amongst his own people. For two years, Renkei lived under the scrutiny of a wildchild, living off from the land, and stealing what was necessary to survive. At the mere age of fourteen, Renkei confronted his traitorous brother, and had slain him for the right to rule. Renkei became the new chief.
        In retalliation, Renkei led attacks against the Manchu. Within a year the entire region had been subjugated. For the first time, the Mongol had their taste of prolonged warfare. Upon their conquest, Renkei proved his dominance of the Gobi, and was declared "Kai Khan", or "Heroic King".
       Kai Khan did not stop. He continued to lead campaigns against the Chosun peninsula, and the vast Persian tribes far to the west of the Gobi. Upon interests to the south, Kai Khan had come across a lost heritage. Before his mother was murdered by his brother, she had given Kai Khan a Chinese Medallion. "This is all I have to give to you now, my child....."
                                                                   Kai Khan, age 25 (209 AD)
       It wasn't until the year 200 AD, when Kai Khan had begun negotiations with Northern Chinese warlords, that the truth of his lineage was contained in the medallion. Inside was a scroll with official documentation and authenticity, that Kai Khan's mother was Yuan Chan, sister to Yuan Shao.
       With the help of Chinese allies, Kai Khan unraveled a conspiracy within his mother's lineage. She was sold to slavery in exchange for Yuan Shu's safety from the Manchu when they had raided the greater Ji region. Forsakened, she was within the mercy of the Manchu until Chief Dogodei himself had acquired her in a game of chance.
       Kai Khan set forth, and intervened in a matter just after Yuan Shao's assasination. Shao's three sons, Yuan Shang, Yuan Tan, and Yuan Xi vied for head of household. After capturing Yuan Shu, who had ursurped the Jade Seal, Yuan Shang conspired with Cao Cao so that Cao Cao would have the Seal, and Yuan Shang his support. Shang and Tan killed one another, as Xi fled north. Running into Kai Khan, which at the time had been a part of a Northern Alliance, discovered the truth about Kai Khan. In exhanged for safety, Xi pledged his allegiance to the young warrior king.


Kai Khan, age 31 (215 AD)


       He had held high ambitions for expansion into the Northern regions of China, especially the river region of Ji, in which he installed his cousin, Yuan Xi, as protector of Ji based out of Nan Pi for the Imperial Han. While Kai Khan then pursued other conquests in the far west, Yuan Xi's peaceful 14 year reign was toppled by Wei forces in 215 AD. Kai Khan returned to China, and assisted Sima Zhao in matters of cavalry. He was officially recognized by Sima Zhao as a valuable ally, and was given the honorary title "King of Horses". Called by his Chinese name in court, Yuan Ren, Kai Khan continued to pursue his exploits until he died in his deathbed in the year 267 AD, at the age of 83. 



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