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    Dust bellows about from the stretch of the Northern horizon. The glint of gold shines out beyond the plains, outcropped like beams of sunlight from the mountains. Armored horsemen litter the expanse, charging forward. Unbeknownst, Cao Cao suspects nothing of the Mongol.....



     Hail traveler, you have journeyed far from your home, far from Xi Liang. You are within the Gobi Wastes, where my people thrive where others cannot. Be not afraid, your courage is proven. We honor only those not feint of heart. Take my rice, and Yak's milk. Nourish your strength, for I have a tale of legend. My story gives homage to your people, and mine. This is our legacy. Our destiny at hand.....allow me to share with you about the legend of Kai Khan.
     Greetings. Thank you for coming to my website dedicated to the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. This site is a fictional fan base of the RTK gaming and storyline with the added flavor of the Mongols. Historically one thousand years before Temujin ( aka Genghis Khan ) himself vied for global supremacy, my personal character of Kai Khan leads the unknown Mongols through China, Chosun ( Korea ), and the Manchu.
     The purpose of this website is to provide a venue of RTK related subject matter, as well as a place for a different view of the RTK world. What if a foreign tribe did in fact have considerable power during this time of turmoil? What would the legendary heroes of Wei, Wu, and Shu have done? Would there be peace or chaos? The time of the Later Han Period was definitely a dark age in China's history, however, it has also become an age of heroes and kings.
     It is my desire to provide interesting news and views within the world of RTK. Perchance, we shall meet on the battlefield.....
     I also encourage viewers to join the Golden Horde Forum. It is based from EzBoards, a free community site. We are currently looking for moderators if you're interested. Also, you can catch me at other RTK related sites. Feel free to use the related links on this page.
     We got exclusive screenshots of the upcoming RTK7 PS2 English version! Also, rare shots of the Sangokushi Senki, or known as Dynasty Tactics for English speakers, which is expected to be in Japan for now. Feel free to browse around, and welcome!
"Patience is our virtue, honor is our strength, glory our quest, and perseverance our endeavor. Strike best when the giant sleeps." - Kai Khan -




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